Goals for 2012

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I have tried multiple times to set up a Vision Board. I read that displaying your true desires where you can see them everyday allows the world to bend your way. Truth is if you’re reminded constantly of what you want in life, you’ll open your eyes to see the opportunities when they cross your path.

It works. And here’s how I know:

My first sorry attempt at making a Vision Board was a few years ago. I bought decorative tape and made a square on the wall next to my bed. It remained blank for weeks. I was listening to Hot 97 when I heard that Jay-Z was stepping in as a headliner for the All Points West 3 day music festival. I had never saw Jay-Z in concert and made a promise to myself I was going to win those tickets.

I went straight to my room, wrote Jay-Z’s name on computer paper, and taped it right in its center. The next opportunity came for the 97th texter to win tickets and I sent multiple texts only to receive in reply you are the 16th texter. You are the 59th texter. You are the 72nd texter. And the last message I saw was Sorry the 97th texter has already been chosen. Not to be discouraged, I assured myself I had the whole weekend to try, but regardless I was going to win those tickets.

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There is no self pity when you quit your job.

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I was advised time and time again to not quit my job until I had another one lined up. And I listened. Until six months later I decided I had had enough. I sent too many resumes out with little to no feedback. So I set an exit date and rehearsed my resignation speech. I marched into my boss’ office on April 2nd and handed him my resignation letter.

When people hear someone is quitting, it’s automatic to ask, “Where are you going?” When people ask me, I have no answer. I’m 26 and I’ve finally figured out what direction I want to head in life. Isn’t that enough? My grandmother was married at 16 and had her first child at 17. Fast forward to 2012, I have no kids, no husband, and I’m following my passion. Why can’t that be enough? « Read the rest of this entry »

I quit my job. Now what?

April 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s Monday and I don’t have a job to go to.

A week before my last day at my job it hit me. My decision to follow my passion was a choice to surrender my security. True I will no longer be at a job that drained all the creativity I need to be a writer. On the contrary, I am no longer granted the comfort knowing when I will be paid, what bills will be receiving their minimum payment, or splurge on lunch/dinner items.

So it’s Monday and I’m freaking out. There is a bonfire beneath my feet triggering a flight response using the wind from my high anxiety to drive me closer towards insanity. I want to run back to my job. Back to being comfortable. Back to the mundane conformity of finding any job you can get in this economy because I am part of a generation that is underpaid, overqualified drowning in student loans that will be with me until death.

And then I hear the voice of reason. My mom.

“Don’t follow the money. More money does not mean more happiness. Follow your passion. You have no kids, no husband, and still live at home. The money will come. Follow what’s within you.”

I hold tight to what my mother told me, as she tends to be right during matters such as this. Perhaps tomorrow the fight response will sink in and I will become a hermit writing myself into fame overnight. Perhaps I dream big within the borders of my unrealistic fantasies.

So as I’ll apply advice from a Hallmark movie I saw last night, I’ll try not to be concerned about what will fill the years ahead of me. Instead I will fill the minutes with things of importance and take it one hour at a time.

For anyone who has left his or her bubble of comfort and dove into uncertainty, I join you. I’ve strapped on my wings of faith and jump into the depths of fear.

Here’s to finding out what lies on the other side.

The Seinfeld of Internet Radio

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The small radio studio can barely fit the personalities behind the mics.  With no real premise of the show besides shooting the shit with your high school buddies, the hosts of The Vinny Brusco Show shift topics from blow up dolls to Carmen’s 14 month old son to proper ass to toilet etiquette effortlessly. They try to start to show with a hard worked honest agenda, only to be thrown in several tangents, with glorious results. Vinny Brusco, Steve Sajdak, and Carmen DiFabio make up the unique personalities that give voice to the 80’s babies covering all topics that interest them and their audience. Carmen, known as the creep able to handle any and all callers, handles the soundboard. Steve, the pretentious raging liberal, offers his smarter than you opinion. Vinny, the voice of reason in a tie, leads the show. « Read the rest of this entry »

An Unlikely Source of Frustration

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Video & Recap: Jamie Drastik Mixtape Release Party

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Originally Posted on Yeah New York

The upstate New York rapper Jamie Drastik celebrated the release of his mixtape Champagne and Cocaine at the Greenhouse in Soho. The drizzling rain had no effect on the celebrities, TV reality stars, and fans that came out to support the recently signed Mr. 305 artist. Bodies were bouncing, tables toppled with bottles, and flashing lights did no justice to capture the celebration on Varrick Street. When Drastik hit the stage to give the crowd a taste of his mixtape, he did not disappoint. Very much a performer as he is a talented musician, hands were swaying, there was not one body seated during his performance. The party continued into the early morning with Kid Capri in the DJ booth spinning hit after hit. « Read the rest of this entry »

A Night of Nachos and Margaritas

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A night in NYC doesn’t require high heels or a button down shirt. The best nights are the ones in your favorite jeans with great company, in your choice of foot attire because there is no dress code to comply with. If you’re looking to add a twist or a great spot to play catch up with an old friend, opt for a Nacho Night.

And well if you want to have great nachos, Mexican is definitely the way to go. So select a margarita and devour those nachos on a self-proclaimed Mighty Margarita and Nacho Noche day.  « Read the rest of this entry »

Apple’s Black Music Month Series

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Nestled in the somewhat quiet second floor of the Apple Store in Soho, a crowd of just over 100 people chanted for Apple’s Black Music Month musician to come to the stage. Blue wristbands waved in the air as personal cameras simultaneously rose upon Miguel’s appearance. One of just a short list of artists that will be performing in Apple Stores around Manhattan, Miguel put on a memorable performance focusing of living out your dreams and encouraging his fans to follow their passion. « Read the rest of this entry »

Q&A: Simplicity

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Shatarr, Star, and Tasia Lucas are bound by sisterhood and profession. Known as the female group Simplicity, the girls were recently inducted in BET’s “Music Matters.” Donned as one of the next big things in music, these girls combine R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create their own unique sound. Yeah New York recently caught up with the sisters from Brooklyn, NY to discover the makings of Simplicity. « Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Astoria Boulevard

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Astoria Boulevard: A Folk Trio out of Queens

Originally Posted on Yeah New York 

Three grey suits with skinny red ties adorn the men who have just silenced the audience seconds after starting their set. On stage in Soho’s The Living Room, the boys of Astoria Boulevard hold the audience still as they open up acapella. Each voice blending into the other, the chord of three then breaks out their instruments. Dan Scott switches back and forth between a guitar and ukulele, Philip Drennen leads with vocals shaking a tambourine or maracas, and Max Demers hits the harmonica and plays acoustic guitar.

Classified as an indie-folk/pop band, the trio has been performing together since 2009. The charm that engages their audience has much to do with their chemistry. “You can make a lot of things happen but you can’t force chemistry. People can feel it and have fun watching. It’s just the indefinable quality,” explains Philip. Dan and Philip originally started off as a two man band but soon began searching for a third member who could play acoustic guitar and give bass to their vocals. “You have this chord that you can create with three voices. You can create almost any musical experience,” Dan says. « Read the rest of this entry »