Interview: Da YoungFellaz

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Da YoungFellaz: Building an Empire of Self Made Soldiers

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Da YoungFellaz are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is on the verge of becoming stale. Jay Storm and Sho Biz are switching Hip-Hop’s conversation to music that fans can relate to. The Crown Heights and Soundview duo structure their music with a commitment and dedication that is both refreshing and necessary for the revival of Hip-Hop.

Da YoungFellaz Find Their Talent

Jay and Biz developed their talent and friendship while in high school. As other kids were bringing trays of food to lunch tables, Jay and Biz were busy bringing rhymes and punch lines to the cafeteria. After graduating High School, the two formed Da Youngfellaz and developed an unfaltering commitment to their music. “We didn’t think we were gonna get out of our living situation because of Hip-Hop,” Jay shares. “We didn’t think we would travel the world. We knew it was a possibility seeing other rappers do it. But we didn’t think it would happen to us.”

Music compilations such as Back 2 Da BasiksThe Reflection, and features on Ralph Myerz’s Supersonic Pulse, reflect the honesty Da YoungFellaz bring to a music genre that often replaces real lyricism with tall tales and false images. Songs like Fast Life, Slow Money and Weekend Star were made with their fans in mind. Jay and Biz aim to reach the average girl or guy, the Self Made Solider, who works hard at a Monday through Friday job only to spend their money all too easily on the weekend.

Reining in Hip-Hop’s Essence

Da YoungFellaz strive to replace the fake images of up-and-coming rappers with large bank rolls. “At one point, Hip-Hop became a genre where it was just unrealistic. Rappers are rapping about cars that flew and boats that drove in the streets,” said Jay. “Before Drake, there were a lot of things that the music industry tried and failed.” As Hip-Hop shifts to favor artistslike Drake, Whiz Khalifa and Big Sean, Jay and Biz are paving the way for their New Rich Effect takeover.

The borough lines of New York City have been unable to keep Da YoungFellaz’s talent muzzled. In watching their talent take flight, Jay and Biz have taken to stages in Europe and Norway. In cities where English is considered a foreign language, Da YoungFellaz decorated the streets posed on posters. “I mean it was amazing. They love the culture out there. It’s not just about how big you are,” Biz shared. Experiencing the roar of the crowd behind stage is what stands out to Jay most. “When you’re like two seconds away from hitting the stage and you actually peek and see everyone, that’s when you’re like, ‘That’s what ten thousand people look like?’”

Self Made Soldiers Empire

The taste of international fame is a bittersweet motivating factor for Da YoungFellaz. Hoping to inspire their fans by setting an example, Jay and Biz make it a point to connect with their Self Made Soldiers. “It’s our way of showing the young kids growing up who listen to our music, entrepreneurship.” Jay and Biz explain, “Actually start your own company and do your own thing. You can just go out and get it. You can become a Self Made Solider. Whether it’s going to school or going to work, it’s all about the grind.” In a genre that changes its definition more than a chameleon changes colors, Jay and Biz’s honest lyrics will keep their music current, relevant, and bridge the gap between Hip-Hop and its fans.

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