Interview: Daniel Susana Founder of MiBodega Agency

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Daniel Susana – Using Urban Intelligence to Spark Conversation

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Daniel Susana began with dreams of being a pilot but soon rose to a level well beyond his peers without ever needing a plane. Entrepreneur and founder of, Susana saw a gap between his online interests and set out to create a place where urban communities could find an artful approach to informative and educational content. “I caught myself going to various websites to get my daily dose of information on content I liked. Then I started realizing – I haven’t really come across a platform that truly has constructive content of a high caliber on urban culture and important mainstream information without one discriminating against the other.”

A Different World

Before Susana could create a voice for Latino’s and urban communities, he first had to find his own. At age 13, Susana escaped from the inner city life and attended St. Andrews boarding school in Barrington, Rhode Island. His inner city eyes soon gave way to a life where oxford short and ties were worn daily. “A meal called Brunch. A sport called lacrosse. All new territory to the teen from the other side of town in that big city where you weren’t encouraged to go.”

Daniel Susana reflects often on a school trip he took to an Indian reservation in the Adirondacks when he was younger. As he emerged from a teepee, he recalls coming face to face with a Caucasian man and his adolescent son. “On [the man’s] way in the tepee he took a moment to tell me with a slight chuckle ‘Hey can’t you read? It says no pets allowed and walked off.’ Now at that young of an age I didn’t truly understand what he meant, but for some reason it stuck with me through out the years.” It is moments like this Daniel describes as transcendence moments, moments when people can rise and become leaders. “Each moment of transcendence is like taking one step back of looking at the big picture – the grand poster of the cause and effect system of human interaction. The more steps back you take the clearer the picture becomes.”

Finding a Niche

The mountings of such moments lead Daniel to combine his interests into MiBodega Agency™. “I use the concept of a bodega, usually found in low-income areas and inner cities, so the urban sector can relate.” At MiBodega Agency™ people shop for Urban Intelligence™. Susana coined this term to establish a clean break from other Latino and Urban websites.

In its first stages, MiBodega began as a collaboration of Susana’s own interests. “I wanted to be creative in delivering topics especially to those that live in those very urban communities.” MiBodega now sets out to create a tasteful avenue where those with urban interests and lifestyles can be inspired, educated, and empowered. Daniel Susana mentions, “We don’t expect everyone to easily catch on to the concept we understand. These two entities of urban content and important resourceful information aren’t usually found in one place. Regardless, I believe it’s a necessary bridge that needs to be built to close the gap.”

MiBodega Takes Flight

Reaching out to the Latino population is especially important to Daniel Susana and his Latino-American background. “Ultimately I feel like we can be a major public voice as far as urban culture. Urban culture is embraced worldwide in very large numbers.” Through Facebook and the creation of wires, MiBodega has been able to expand their mission exponentially. Recognizing this, named MiBodega Agency™ as an influential part of the Latino community and Latino Blogosphere listed MiBodega Agency™ as one of the best blogs.

Susana takes pride in MiBodgea’s growth and recognition but acknowledges the need to for MiBodega’s mission to expand globally. “There’s still a lot of misinformation out there stemming back from previous centuries that need to be dealt with and corrected. I believe there’s a responsibility to those of us who are in these communities and from them who have more of an incline to be able to defend and put things into perspective. Only a person who is from that background and environment could really put things into perspective through effective communication, action and intelligence.”

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