The Seinfeld of Internet Radio

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The small radio studio can barely fit the personalities behind the mics.  With no real premise of the show besides shooting the shit with your high school buddies, the hosts of The Vinny Brusco Show shift topics from blow up dolls to Carmen’s 14 month old son to proper ass to toilet etiquette effortlessly. They try to start to show with a hard worked honest agenda, only to be thrown in several tangents, with glorious results. Vinny Brusco, Steve Sajdak, and Carmen DiFabio make up the unique personalities that give voice to the 80’s babies covering all topics that interest them and their audience. Carmen, known as the creep able to handle any and all callers, handles the soundboard. Steve, the pretentious raging liberal, offers his smarter than you opinion. Vinny, the voice of reason in a tie, leads the show. « Read the rest of this entry »


An Unlikely Source of Frustration

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