The Seinfeld of Internet Radio

January 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

The small radio studio can barely fit the personalities behind the mics.  With no real premise of the show besides shooting the shit with your high school buddies, the hosts of The Vinny Brusco Show shift topics from blow up dolls to Carmen’s 14 month old son to proper ass to toilet etiquette effortlessly. They try to start to show with a hard worked honest agenda, only to be thrown in several tangents, with glorious results. Vinny Brusco, Steve Sajdak, and Carmen DiFabio make up the unique personalities that give voice to the 80’s babies covering all topics that interest them and their audience. Carmen, known as the creep able to handle any and all callers, handles the soundboard. Steve, the pretentious raging liberal, offers his smarter than you opinion. Vinny, the voice of reason in a tie, leads the show.

Broadcasting for only six months, the creep, liberal, and the tie’s friendship extend farther than October 2010. Bronx natives and childhood friends, Vinny and Steve met Carmen, from Yonkers, in high school. “The high school we went to was made up of all these cliques. We kinda didn’t do anything. We were all about ragging on each other and making each other laugh,” Steve says. “Basically we were all animals because there were no girls around,” Carmen adds.

Choosing to pursue a career in radio, Vinny landed an intern gig at K Rock, the New York radio station, setting up for their first taste of on-air broadcast. Sneaking Steve and Carmen into the station after 11 o’clock, the three began to record demos for their Demo Show. After turning down a radio job in Iowa, Vinny learned of the Zedalza network on Craigslist and the boys began to broadcast on public radio to an actual audience.

The freedom of a live webcast on internet radio allows for the inclusion of videos and pictures to reach into an audience the way traditional radio can’t. Broadcasting every Thursday night at 10:30 pm on, The Vinny Brusco Showentertains guests, supplies outrageous personal stories, and has added special segments that round out their show. Segments like “Props of the week,” “F-U of the week,” and the show favorite “Name that borough,” give the hosts of The Vinny Brusco Show opportunities to add what they call the “‘taste’ in ‘tasteless’” radio. Vinny says, “There’s no effort behind this. I don’t do this because I get paid for this. I do this because I love this. We all love this.” Carmen adds, “There’s nothing that makes us fantastic. There aren’t chicks in here with vibrators.” Steve finishes by saying, “We know that we are here to entertain but we don’t put on a show.”

As radio networks begin to replace live radio disc jockey’s with pre-recorded shows, internet radio is growing and becoming a thing of the future. Tapping into the ever expanding internet radio via, Steve acknowledges, “We grew up at a weird age. We knew what the internet was but not like the kids know it now.” “If we could be the voice of our age, that would be fucking awesome,” Vinny continues. “People have told me ‘I feel like I’m in the room shooting the shit with you guys.’ That’s a part of the charm,” Carmen added. Although each host entertains their own 9-5 job to support their passion, the reason for their after hours motivation was put best by Vinny, “To have someone say ‘Everyday I listen to you and you make me laugh?’ that’s all I want.” These boys speak to be heard and want to make each and every listener laugh.

To catch a Live Broadcast of The Vinny Brusco Show visit on Thursday Nights from 10:30pm-11:30pm.

Callers are welcomed and encouraged! Call them at (914) 595-4871 or email the hosts at

Archived show can be viewed on by visiting the On Demand – Archives section.

Support their Facebook Page: The Vinny Brusco Show

Follow them on Twitter: @VinnyBruscoShow


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