There is no self pity when you quit your job.

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was advised time and time again to not quit my job until I had another one lined up. And I listened. Until six months later I decided I had had enough. I sent too many resumes out with little to no feedback. So I set an exit date and rehearsed my resignation speech. I marched into my boss’ office on April 2nd and handed him my resignation letter.

When people hear someone is quitting, it’s automatic to ask, “Where are you going?” When people ask me, I have no answer. I’m 26 and I’ve finally figured out what direction I want to head in life. Isn’t that enough? My grandmother was married at 16 and had her first child at 17. Fast forward to 2012, I have no kids, no husband, and I’m following my passion. Why can’t that be enough?

I took my mentor out for lunch on Monday. She shared with me that, “Creative people have the hardest jobs. We always go after what fills us. Even if it’s not what brings in the money.” In trying to structure some sort of financial future, I completely agree. Quitting my job was the easy part. It’s the awkward conversations lacking pity or understanding that I’ll just have to take in stride.


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