Goals for 2012

May 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have tried multiple times to set up a Vision Board. I read that displaying your true desires where you can see them everyday allows the world to bend your way. Truth is if you’re reminded constantly of what you want in life, you’ll open your eyes to see the opportunities when they cross your path.

It works. And here’s how I know:

My first sorry attempt at making a Vision Board was a few years ago. I bought decorative tape and made a square on the wall next to my bed. It remained blank for weeks. I was listening to Hot 97 when I heard that Jay-Z was stepping in as a headliner for the All Points West 3 day music festival. I had never saw Jay-Z in concert and made a promise to myself I was going to win those tickets.

I went straight to my room, wrote Jay-Z’s name on computer paper, and taped it right in its center. The next opportunity came for the 97th texter to win tickets and I sent multiple texts only to receive in reply you are the 16th texter. You are the 59th texter. You are the 72nd texter. And the last message I saw was Sorry the 97th texter has already been chosen. Not to be discouraged, I assured myself I had the whole weekend to try, but regardless I was going to win those tickets.

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