The Seinfeld of Internet Radio

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The small radio studio can barely fit the personalities behind the mics.  With no real premise of the show besides shooting the shit with your high school buddies, the hosts of The Vinny Brusco Show shift topics from blow up dolls to Carmen’s 14 month old son to proper ass to toilet etiquette effortlessly. They try to start to show with a hard worked honest agenda, only to be thrown in several tangents, with glorious results. Vinny Brusco, Steve Sajdak, and Carmen DiFabio make up the unique personalities that give voice to the 80’s babies covering all topics that interest them and their audience. Carmen, known as the creep able to handle any and all callers, handles the soundboard. Steve, the pretentious raging liberal, offers his smarter than you opinion. Vinny, the voice of reason in a tie, leads the show. « Read the rest of this entry »


Q&A: Simplicity

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Shatarr, Star, and Tasia Lucas are bound by sisterhood and profession. Known as the female group Simplicity, the girls were recently inducted in BET’s “Music Matters.” Donned as one of the next big things in music, these girls combine R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop to create their own unique sound. Yeah New York recently caught up with the sisters from Brooklyn, NY to discover the makings of Simplicity. « Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Astoria Boulevard

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Astoria Boulevard: A Folk Trio out of Queens

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Three grey suits with skinny red ties adorn the men who have just silenced the audience seconds after starting their set. On stage in Soho’s The Living Room, the boys of Astoria Boulevard hold the audience still as they open up acapella. Each voice blending into the other, the chord of three then breaks out their instruments. Dan Scott switches back and forth between a guitar and ukulele, Philip Drennen leads with vocals shaking a tambourine or maracas, and Max Demers hits the harmonica and plays acoustic guitar.

Classified as an indie-folk/pop band, the trio has been performing together since 2009. The charm that engages their audience has much to do with their chemistry. “You can make a lot of things happen but you can’t force chemistry. People can feel it and have fun watching. It’s just the indefinable quality,” explains Philip. Dan and Philip originally started off as a two man band but soon began searching for a third member who could play acoustic guitar and give bass to their vocals. “You have this chord that you can create with three voices. You can create almost any musical experience,” Dan says. « Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Daniel Susana Founder of MiBodega Agency

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Daniel Susana – Using Urban Intelligence to Spark Conversation

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Daniel Susana began with dreams of being a pilot but soon rose to a level well beyond his peers without ever needing a plane. Entrepreneur and founder of, Susana saw a gap between his online interests and set out to create a place where urban communities could find an artful approach to informative and educational content. “I caught myself going to various websites to get my daily dose of information on content I liked. Then I started realizing – I haven’t really come across a platform that truly has constructive content of a high caliber on urban culture and important mainstream information without one discriminating against the other.” « Read the rest of this entry »

Interview: Da YoungFellaz

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Da YoungFellaz: Building an Empire of Self Made Soldiers

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Da YoungFellaz are a breath of fresh air in a genre that is on the verge of becoming stale. Jay Storm and Sho Biz are switching Hip-Hop’s conversation to music that fans can relate to. The Crown Heights and Soundview duo structure their music with a commitment and dedication that is both refreshing and necessary for the revival of Hip-Hop.

Da YoungFellaz Find Their Talent

Jay and Biz developed their talent and friendship while in high school. As other kids were bringing trays of food to lunch tables, Jay and Biz were busy bringing rhymes and punch lines to the cafeteria. After graduating High School, the two formed Da Youngfellaz and developed an unfaltering commitment to their music. “We didn’t think we were gonna get out of our living situation because of Hip-Hop,” Jay shares. “We didn’t think we would travel the world. We knew it was a possibility seeing other rappers do it. But we didn’t think it would happen to us.”

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